2006 NEW


The Ultimate Supercharger Kit
for Flathead Fords

Click for High-Res. Image to Download

Click for High-Res. Image to Download
  TR Designs Flathead Suupercharger Kit Features:

Comprehensive Offers Easy
Bolt-On Installation

Magnuson Supercharger Platform
For Most Efficient HP Output

Delivers Reliable Driveability

Modular Design Allows Various
Personalized Configurations

The ultimate step in hot rodding the Flathead Ford is supercharging. The ultimate assembly is the Tom Roberts Designs/Magnuson supercharger kit which delivers complete driveability and neck snapping performance at an affordable price. The kit is complete and configured to be bolted onto any of the “big block” Ford Flathead engines. These parts are not intended for the Ford V8 60 engine.

There are three distributors.

We’ve broken the kit down so you can see what you’re getting and the choices you have. Unless you buy individual parts from the distributors; the kits will be shipped to you for your specific engine and chassis (59A/8BA and passenger car or truck). Included will be every nut, bolt and washer needed for assembly. You supply the information about what you have and what you want and any of the three distributors do the rest. The differences in the kits are the water pumps/engine mounts (passenger cars or trucks) and the pulleys (generator or alternator).

The complete supercharger kit bears part number 01-12-95-001 as cast and 01-12-95-001PO for polished components.

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